Sunday, 18 March 2012

~ ♥ Happy Mother's Day ♥~

 Just a quick word to wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day. It's bright and sunny here in Belfast and it has been a great start to the day. Baby R and his Dada very kindly offered me a lie-in. Baby R still wakes around 5.30am these days and I try to keep him in bed for as long as possible by lying him back down in his cot, tucking him in and giving him the dummy (that he has cheekily thrown across the room), I usually have to do this  3 or 4 times but in saying that we usually get up around 6.20am. This is fine on a work day but unfortunately Baby R doesn't know the difference between the working week and the weekend. So anyway this morning D kindly offered to give Baby R his milk and take him downstairs for a play so I could rest my eyes for a little bit. Wakening at 5.30am every day is usually fine but I guess it takes it's tole eventually so I appreciated the rest this morning. Then I when a woke I was greeted with this...
 ♥ A scrummy breakfast of Lady Grey Tea, cereal, yummy hot cross bread (in a loaf - whodathunkit!) and tulips (my favourite)
  ♥ I was lucky enough to receive two lovely cards from my little sweetheart. One was helped by Dada (the one to the left with bunting on it - yes that's right bunting on a card whodathunkit! - my dream card). And one was helped by our lovely childminder Mrs A (the handmade one on the right - I'm chuffed to bits with this card, she really is a lovely lady). *Mrs A and the children she takes care off all made their Mums a lovely hand painted terracotta pot with a lovely primrose in it and I'd love to share it with you but I forgot to water it yesterday and it's gone a bit wilty. Eek! I have promptly watered it and I'm hoping it will return to full health soon!. 
 ♥ Now I was a very lucky girl and got a few beautiful gifts too. 
I probably look a little spoilt but the CK spotty bag was sort of a gift to myself, I've been having a hard time in work of late and decided I needed to treat myself. Now I have buyers remorse and feel guilty for spending money on myself as we really need to be careful with money. So part of me is tempted to return it but I do love it and I really don't buy myself things that often. Hmmm not sure what to do. Anyway Baby R and his Dada were so thoughtful. They got me a little fabric bundle with birds and trees on it (I had been moaning about not having a fabric stash and I think little/big ears picked up on this). A beautiful floral greengate spoon.  A CK picture frame to put a lovely picture of my little darling in. And a CK notebook and jotter. I am one very happy Mummy. 

♥ Regardless of all these lovely gifts this is the main thing making me happy today and everyday...
♥ And his dada of course for giving me such a lovely morning

This is a rare event for me to manage 2 blog posts in 2 days, no doubt it will take me another 2 months before writing another one soooo.... 
I just wanted to quickly say that I love that people pop by and read my blog, I really love this as I know how precious time is. And I love that some people feel compelled to comment, it's delightful reading that someone likes my blog. I understand the time constraints on modern life, I'm finding it difficult myself to get the right balance between work-life and home-life but we are coping ok, so far. I guess I'm trying to explain why I haven't been commenting on as many blogs as I'd like to. I love reading blogs and the lovely things that people are working on and their lives but I just can't always find the time to say hello and comment and this makes me feel a little bad. I hope you understand and you are all so lovely, I kinda know you will. 

♥~♥~♥ Happy Mother's Day Everyone ♥~♥~

Saturday, 17 March 2012

♣♥ Shamrocks and Hearts ♥♣

Firstly I'd like to wish you all a very Happy St Patrick's Day from us here in Ireland. Baby R and I are wearing green today but other than we don't have any other plans to celebrate the day.
 We are visiting Toys R Us today to get Baby R some much needed toys. We didn't go over board at Christmas because he wasn't even a year yet and it was hard to know what he needed. But now he is toddling and developing a bit more we think he needs a few more toys. So it's not really celebrating our patron saint but we are doing it in green!

♥♥ Ta-Dah ♥♥
So anyway the main reason I am blogging today is because I have finished something on my to-do list. This is my Granny Heart Bunting Ta-Dah! The pattern/tutorial is from the very lovely Sandra at Cherry Heart  and if you don't know her blog I strongly recommending popping by - she has the most beautiful blog with such gorgeous ideas and is very generous with her time posting lovely tutorials for anyone to use. I am attempting to keep this post brief as I usually tend to write an essay so hopefully the photos speak for themselves!
Happy daffs, yummy yarn and scrummy bunting..
An in situ shot. I just love looking up to see the bunting across the archway it just looks like it should always have been there. It makes me smile a big, dopey, beaming smile when I glance upon it. I am easily pleased....
  And finally Baby R and I in our greenery. I think he likes the bunting too!!
A big thank you to Sandra for the tutorial. I am super happy to have made it. I love it when I achieve something, it helps to keep me going and keep me smiling.

♥ Enjoy the weekend and the sunshine everyone