Wednesday, 26 October 2011


So I thought I would explain why the need to craft and why the need to blog, because really I don't have loads of time anymore but I feel like this is something I just need to do. So a wee yarn for you, if you have time for my ramblings... 

About 4 years ago I bought a sewing machine, just a wee one from Tesco to get me started, and it sat in the box for at least a year, I was too afraid and too 'busy'  to use it (ha if only I knew how busy I would be when I had a baby!). Then I had a bout of illness which kept me off work for a while so the sewing machine was freed from the box. My mum showed me a few basics like threading the needle (a big deal for a sewing machine novice like me) and winding the bobbin and getting started. I started slowly and made a pincushion cover and a few cushions and some bunting and then I left it for a while. 

My very first sewing project

Then I got a bit more adventurous and made myself a skirt. This was much more exciting - I love skirts and having something a wee bit unique is always good. This is how it turned out...  

My very first handmade skirt

A close up of the lovely fabric

I was bitten by the crafting bug and made a dress for my husbands niece, followed by another skirt. I think it's just making something with your own hands and having something unique that I love about crafting. Looking at something and saying "I made that" just fills me with joy! I made the baby quilt for my friends baby and then I stopped for a while... I was busy with other things, mainly work, piano lessons (my teacher expected hours of practise!!), I sang in a band called The Corncrakes (more on that later if you are interested?) and then a got pregnant (hurray)!! These things took up all my time... no time for precious crafting. But then baby R came along and boy did I realise that when I thought I had no time beforehand I was sooooo wrong and I soon learned what having NO time was really like!! But crafting, and piano and the band, were replaced with a gorgeous baby who, while keeping me busy, gives me hours of delight and happiness. And this is where my addiction to crochet comes in. My little dandelion (baby R) didn't like to sleep much (night or day) and the only way I could get him to sleep during the day was to lay him on my bed and sit beside him while he drifted off to sleep. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to begin some crafting again and so with inspiration from Mollie Makes and tutorials from Youtube I learned how to crochet. And this was my first creation..

Apple Cosie from Mollie Makes

Many people poured scornballs on these cute apple cosies, missing the point of these entirely (really they are just for fun) and this leads me to why I wanted to blog. I guess I don't really have many friends that are into crafting (just a few) and my family definitely are not, so I was starting to feel a little misunderstood. My husband was (and is) a complete star and listens to my ramblings about yarn, picking colours of yarn (hours can be spent here!!), natural versus acrylic debate, lusting over fabric and which project to start next. But in order to preserve his sanity (and our relationship) I thought it would be fun to start a blog and with his help and encouragement here I am. It has taken ages to complete this post as every spare minute I have is spent working on a crocheted blanket for me for the winter nights and a quilt for my wee dandelion. So here it is, the reason why I craft and blog. Thanks for reading. 

Sweet dreams and goodnight xx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Baby Blanket

Would you like to see my first ever quilt? 

I made it for my friends baby last year from the Cath Kidston book Sew! I didn't use Cath Kidston fabric but I was happy with the overall finish and my friend ended up having a boy, so I think the fabric worked, the florals Cath Kidston recommended might not have worked for a boy. Anyway, it's not a perfect quilt and I had to learn as I was going along but I enjoyed it and was happy with the finish. I wonder what you think......

Close up of the wee birdy (the birds and elephants were attached using bondaweb and then I hand-stitched around each one and their ears and wings to make sure they stayed on and survived the rough and tumble a baby would give - lordy, this took ageeeeeees)

Close up of the elephant. Check out the atrocious amateur hand-stitching of the baby's name at the bottom of the quilt. Well I mean it could have been worse and I wanted to personalise it in some way so that was my attempt, I much prefer sewing using the sewing machine!

Me looking rather pleased with the final quilt as it took me what felt like ages to complete, mostly because of hand-stitching the 8 elephants and 7 birdies, so I was glad to finally have it finished and only a couple of weeks after baby Callan was born which wasn't too bad at all in my book.

More in a bit when I am better organised!


Ah Hello! It has taken me quite a while to get started but this is my first blog and it's a bit of a daunting experience. I have been silently, in the background, following some lovely blogs since the birth of my first child in January (just seemed like the thing to do when you are up every 2 hours in the middle of the night feeding a hungry baby who doesn't know that night time is for sleeping!). The people in blogland all seem so lovely, happy and inviting that they made me want to have a go and get chatting and sharing craft with you all instead of sitting quietly like a wee mouse in the corner. Unfortunately my time for craft is very much reduced these days but it is gradually increasing as my baby boy is now 9 months old and has learned the art of having a nap during the day and sleeping at night time. Please excuse me though, it will take me ages to have any new makes to show, so maybe you would indulge me and allow me to show some pre-baby makes...?