Thursday, 20 October 2011

Baby Blanket

Would you like to see my first ever quilt? 

I made it for my friends baby last year from the Cath Kidston book Sew! I didn't use Cath Kidston fabric but I was happy with the overall finish and my friend ended up having a boy, so I think the fabric worked, the florals Cath Kidston recommended might not have worked for a boy. Anyway, it's not a perfect quilt and I had to learn as I was going along but I enjoyed it and was happy with the finish. I wonder what you think......

Close up of the wee birdy (the birds and elephants were attached using bondaweb and then I hand-stitched around each one and their ears and wings to make sure they stayed on and survived the rough and tumble a baby would give - lordy, this took ageeeeeees)

Close up of the elephant. Check out the atrocious amateur hand-stitching of the baby's name at the bottom of the quilt. Well I mean it could have been worse and I wanted to personalise it in some way so that was my attempt, I much prefer sewing using the sewing machine!

Me looking rather pleased with the final quilt as it took me what felt like ages to complete, mostly because of hand-stitching the 8 elephants and 7 birdies, so I was glad to finally have it finished and only a couple of weeks after baby Callan was born which wasn't too bad at all in my book.

More in a bit when I am better organised!


  1. Hello!!! :)
    Welcome to blogland.....I am new to blogging too (started in August). It is SO much fun and there are so many kind and creative people to meet!

    Your blanket is gorgeous by the way, I instantly recognised the pattern from the CK book!... You have done an amazing job! Can't wait to see more makes when you have the time (I know how difficult it is trying to fit in any 'me' time let alone crafty endevours!!)
    Congratulations on your little bundle of joy, I love the pic of you and your little one on your profile info, so cute!

    Anyhoo, happy blogging!!

    Louise xx

  2. Hi Louise! I eeeeeeped with delight when I saw I had a comment! My very first. Thanks so much. I have been following your blog thanks to Coco Rose and Attic24 and haven't dared comment before but I love all your work, it's definitely very inspiring.