Friday, 16 December 2011

Ta-Dah: My First Crocheted Blanket

Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! I'm so happy because I finished my first ever crocheted blanket. Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy. It really was a wondrous day as I never thought I would complete it, it has been a mammoth project, well it certainly felt like it. So the story goes...

I started crocheting in August having come across the craft magazine Mollie Makes and I started with a crocheted apple cosy. Before I could master the apple cosy I needed to learn the basic crochet stitches and so I learned how to crochet using YouTube and the wonderful Beth from bethintx1 who so kindly has a whole host of really easy to follow tutorials on YouTube. Beths tutorials are so easy to follow and I was totally bitten by the crocheting bug. The apple cosy aside, the main reason that I decided to start crocheting was because I wanted a craft to do that was quiet (my sewing machine is not particularly quiet), that I could do while my baby was sleeping. My little dandelion, Baby R was really not doing very well at sleeping during the day and definitely would not go into his cot to sleep so in the end I gave up (it was too painful letting him cry in the cot) and let him fall asleep on my bed while I sat beside him. This seemed to work and while I know many people would tell me off for 'spoiling' the child I just had to do something to get him to sleep and also it just felt right. I actually loved having him sleep there beside me and anyway I knew it wouldn't be forever so I just followed my instinct. So while I loved having this time together I also wanted to do something with my hands and to achieve something. I dug out my granny's old 4mm crochet hook, some dodgy luminous green yarn that my mummy had bought me a while ago and I sat on the bed with headphones in watching crochet tutorials on YouTube on a 3rd hand iTouch while little R slept. So then I wanted to make a blanket and I have to admit I kind of jumped with both feet into this blanket project and didn't really do much research on yarn, colours or styles of blankets which I sort of regretted because then I discovered Coco Rose who let me to Attic24 and the blankets they were doing look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and the yarn they used was so beautiful and luscious, but hey you live, you learn. I visited the yarn shop in my home town, The Yarn Barn, a treasure trove of yarny delights and picked Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK yarn (a 80/20 Bamboo/Wool mix). I had been looking for something by Rowan or Debbie Bliss but the shop owner had stopped stocking these as they were too expensive and people just weren't able to afford them. For my next big project I think I might try to build up a stash of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino as I have discovered another shop near my home town which stocks it, now I just need to rob a bank to afford it (or save up)! Anyway there won't be anymore big blanket projects for quite a while as I am only just recovering from this one and I'm back to work soon so I'm not sure how I'm going to fit in looking after my beautiful baby boy, working 4 days a week and crocheting a blanket, so only small projects for the next while. Anyway I digress, I think I've blethered on quite a bit and maybe now it's time for some photos. Here it is in all it's glory my very first ever crocheted granny square blanket.....

140 five round granny squares 
4 granny rows 
finished with scalloped edging (courtesy of Attic24 pattern can be found here).

I think the edging looks really pretty and transforms it from a bog standard blanket into something much more special. Well that's just what I think

This is where the blanket is going to live so we can see it every day. I'd like some more crocheted items around the living room, I'm still trying to talk D into some granny bunting to adorn the arch between our living and dining rooms but discussions are still ongoing (but just between us I'm going to make it anyway and put it up, he might never notice, ssshh don't tell!).

I'm still not in love with the green colour and I maybe should have thought through the colour choices a bit better and also thought more about the type of yarn I chose. When I started this blanket I was a total novice and I didn't realise how many balls of yarn I would need to finish the project (a whole 30 x 50g balls, eek), how long it would take (3 1/2 months, but it wasn't exactly full time plus I made a quilt for baby R, bunting for baby R, bunting for my niece and christmas decorations while being a mummy, a wife, a dog lover&walker and all that life brings along) and how expensive it would be (I don't even want to go there)! But having said that I do love it. 

I love that I made it myself. 
I love that it reminds me of sitting on the bed beside baby R as he slept. 
I love that it will always remind me of the year baby R was born. 
I love that I saw it through to the end even though I wanted to give up as I decided I didn't like the colours or the yarn.
I love that I am now a crocheter.
I love that it's mine.


  1. What a beautiful crochet baby blanket. It quite a big one, so it must have taken you a long time. You should be very proud of yourself. Completing such a large task is a big milestone, especially when you are taking care of a little one. I think it's also very therapeutic as well.

  2. Gosh well done, it is just beautiful, I agree with Sophie, you should be very proud of your self, the edging is just so pretty too.
    wishing you and you family peace, love and joy this christmas time
    love jooles xxx

  3. Wow, well done it looks AMAZING!...The colours are great!!

    Just to let you know I have nominated you for a blog award!! (Take a peek at my blog post)

    Hope you had a wonderfull Christmas, best wishes for the new year.

    Louise xxx

  4. hello,
    wow !!!! the blanket looks amazing!!!! i like the colors.
    i hope you had a wonderful christmas,best wishes for the new year.

  5. Hi Helen,lovely to meet you,thanks for popping over to me too. I learned crochet in exactley the same way and with the same lady!I love the little rhyme she says and I d tried and tried before but She s the one that got me going.I love crochet soooo much and your blanket is amazing!Isnt it just the greatest stress buster too?Have a lovely week,lots of love,juliexxx

  6. So lovely! So pleased you perservered!! You have inspired me. Tonight, after several false starts, I made my first granny square! Next stop, ripply blanket.....ah hooray for crochet and the international language of craft! Tanichi. Xxx