Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Indecisive? Me?

Dear bloggie friends I am in distress! Well that's maybe a weeeeeeeeee bit dramatic ~ I am trying to pick yarn for a baby blanket I am going to start for a friend*. This particular job challenges me to the extreme as for the life of me I can't pick colours. I know which colours i like when I see them together and I know which colours I don't like when I see them together, but can I pick them myself??? Nooooooooo! Oh my word, I agonise over this decision but to the point of insanity. And then it's not only the colours of yarn but the type of yarn. Argh!!! I think I have changed my mind about 3 times on what actual type of yarn I am going to use for this project and I'm driving myself round the bend! I think part of the problem is that I'm trying to buy online and relying on the colours on the website, but even with that some suppliers have kindly sent me samples and I am still struggling. The other problem is budget, if money was no object I'd buy Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino or lovely Rowan yarns but unless we win the lottery (which I haven't dear reader) money is definitely a consideration when purchasing yarn. 

So am I writing to you just to moan and whinge? Well fortunately for you no! I am taking a break from the colour selection and I decided to write a wee post to remind me of happy things like......

...cakes and buns...

Over the weekend I was banging on about baking. Still on a high from the success of the Chocolate and Guinness cake I scoured the internet looking for some recipes because I really feel the need to bake. Many of the recipes I bookmarked were from Attic24, I think I am slightly obsessed with Lucy and her Attic but then I think most crafty crochet people probably are too! So anyway wittering on as I do, yesterday my darling D was working from home and he needed a break from work so I suggested via a little email communiqué that maybe he could could go to one of the cafes on our road to pick up a little piece of cake (ever since reading Attic24's baking posts I have wanted a piece of cake and a cup of tea!). This was what waited for me when I got home:
I managed to resist the urge to inhale it as soon as I got home from work and I saved it until little R was in bed
Perfection... mint tea and tea cake
Mmmm moist, cakey, goodness 

However I must add, D makes a top notch, 10/10 tea cake - well Welsh Bara Brith to be exact, as seen on the Hairy Bikers Mum's Know Best TV show about a year ago. D has added a nice little twist to the recipe by soaking the fruit in Lady Grey Tea, oh yes (well I told him to do it but he should probably take the glory as he does a super job with the recipe).

So my friends it doesn't end there... oh no. Today I came home from work and D had decided to work from home again today (he didn't want to cycle in the rain and I can't blame him). And this was waiting for me today
Ooooh what's inside? Well I'll tell you what was inside. Buns! Little scrummy fairy cakes!
I eeeeeped with delight and inhaled one within about 30secs and do you know what? It was delicious. Basic, bunny, spongy deliciousness.
And yes I just had to have another one because I wanted to show and tell on my blog. Hehe it was a big sacrifice having that second bun let me tell you! 

And to fuel my Attic24 obsession D had used the recipe (which can be found here) that I bookmarked at the weekend, oh he really does listen to me blether on the poor man. But hey I got buns and for that I am extremely grateful. I have managed not to eat anymore (thanks, I know it was well done of me not to eat all 8! Well there were 7 as D had to taste one himself, I supposed that's alright isn't it, he did make them teehee!)

♥~♥~ I am a lucky and very grateful pup ♥~♥~ 

* Yes Mrs Tittlemouse I am still trying to pick this yarn - I am a complete disaster! The Creative Cotton is lovely though and perfect for some little crochet flowers!


  1. I sympathise with the colour-choosing thing. It's not always easy to envisage how colours will work together and sometimes they surprise one. Sometimes this can be a nice surprise and sometimes a not-so-nice-surprise! I have been fooled more times than I care to think by colours that ought not to go together actually working remarkably well and colours that ought to go together somehow jarring. And yes, budget is always a consideration especially for something like a blanket that is quite yarn hungry! Deferring the dicey business of choosing with a piece of cake is always good news however! D's cake choice absolutely gets my vote - I love damp fruit cake like this - and the texture of those buns looks fab - enjoy while you ponder your decision-making! E x

    PS A tip someone passed on to me which I've found worth thinking about is looking at colours that appear together in nature and sometimes this triggers a happy combo I wouldn't have thought of otherwise, I've found.

  2. Blankets, yarn and cake all my favorite things together.....I do hope you get your yarny ponderings sorted, it's a big consideration and worth taking time twopence worth, if it were me, as it's for a baby, I would take into strong consideration the washing and drying ease....just a thought.

  3. Take your time with choosing your yarn! I can totally sympathize with the whole indecisiveness thing..... and the cake thing!!! ;-)

  4. Hmmm, well for a baby it would be lovely to use pure wool or cotton, however as your budget doesn't stretch that far have you thought about using Stylecraft Special DK, even tho it is acrylic, it crochets up into a very soft, woolie feeling blanket and you can put it in the washing machine and it dries quickly. Lots of colours to choose from too.
    Ooh the cakes look very inviting, I really should make some to take to work.
    xx Sandi

  5. Mmmm...I'm hungry now!! Lucky you with all those scrummy cakes *sigh*.... Hope you are well my lovely and work is going well. Looking forward to seeing what yarn you settle on for the baby blanket... Trust your instincts, you have made such gorgeous things before, this will be no different!!

    Take care,
    Louise xxx