Sunday, 22 September 2013

Where were we...

Life is flying past. Busy, busy, busy. Baby E is 7 months, how did that happen? Little R is 2 and a half. I get so much pleasure from these two little people each and every day but they leave time for very little else, that's for sure! But oh my word, I love spending my days with them ♥ 

In the last few months we have redone the damp proofing in our house as the previous owners did a right botch job. This wasn't easy with (at the time) a 4 month old and a 2 year old. Not to bore anyone but this involved my husband and Daddy chipping plaster off walls, then the damp proof was done and then plaster put back on and then redecorating. At one point it looked like this...
I can't say it was easy doing this with two very small children (It was hell on earth! Dust everywhere and entertaining two little people from our bedroom and kitchen out of bounds!) but we want to sell next year and it needed done, timing wasn't perfect but hey. I'm so proud that we did it. We probably prematurely aged during that month but we did it! and survived to tell the tale. And one big bonus is that now everywhere is painted white - my new all time favourite wall colour.

Craft has been very slow but I have been working on a few things...
 A brooch for a friend
 A quilt for Baby E, similar to the one I made for Little R
I started work on this blanket but I don't think I'm sold on the colours. It's on hold for now...
Mainly I have been working on a new crochet blanket and I just finished it today (never mind that I started it late in May and it's only a giant granny square!). I guess this is a Ta-Dah moment!
 I made the cushions too!
I think I am a happy with this blanket. I had a crisis of confidence over the colours as usual and also wished I had done a different pattern rather than something so simple but I'm up against it time wise. So anyway it's done now and I can't wait to snuggle under it when it gets colder.

Oh and we potty trained Little R over the summer too. So very proud of him. So yep like I said busy, busy, busy. 

I am loving my maternity leave so much. I love spending my days with Little R and Baby E. They just make me so happy. Baby E is the happiest, smiliest baby. He giggles so much, usually at his older brother. He has the most intoxicating laugh. And Little R is a wee chatter box. We were at the fruit and veg shop the other day and he was wittering on about the names of fruit and a little old lady said that I wouldn't be lonely with him around and it's totally true, I love his chit chat and his company. I don't want my maternity leave to end, I would love to spend my days with them forever but in January I will be going back to work. I will probably be crying my eyes out again but for now I'm not thinking of that, I'm enjoying every second (well it's not all bliss, Little R is a toddler after all and babies aren't entirely easy!) with my little family. I know it's a total cliche but having children is probably the best thing I have ever done, I totally understand why some people say that now. I have a PhD, I have worked hard but it's my babies that bring me the most joy and contentment and I don't care if it's trite, it's true.

And finally :: After Baby E was born I discovered Instagram and while I'm not on Facebook and generally shun social media I really love and am fairly addicted to IG because for me it's like mini blogging, but without all the text and long photo editing. I love it for craft ideas and inspiration. I would love to be a more regular blogger but I can't see that happening any time soon as things are just too busy on the home front and I can't seem to blog quickly. I need to simplify the whole process, I take too long editing photos and making everything 'look right', this post is thrown together and none of the photos match in style, sorry. Anyway if you are an IGer, pop along and visit me there.

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  1. Hi Helen,wow what a busy time, well done on getting through the plastering and damp proofing ,you deserve a medal. I love the fabrics for Baby E, lots of toadstool goodness there :) I love the colours in Your latest blanket and the edging s beautiful. Keep enjoying every minute of Your maternity leave, they re not babies for long are they, it goes by so fast doesn't it? lots of love Julie xxx

  2. Hello there! It's great to have you black in Blogland, Helen!!! :-)
    The fabrics for the baby blanket are GORGEOUS - can't wait to see the finished thing......

  3. Hello and welcome back :o) Sounds like you have been mighty busy lately!
    Your blanket is absolutely gorgeous and i adore your quilt fabrics ..... so cute
    I am so glad to hear that you are loving your maternity leave, cherish every moment, they grow so quick!
    love jooles xxx

  4. Lovely to see you are back again! You have been so busy, but have got so much done! Reading this post reminded me of when my two daughters were little....such a wonderful time, sometimes exhausting but totally magical too. You put it so well in your post, it really is a time to treasure. Love your new crafting.....the granny blanket looks so pretty and cosy, and the quilt fabrics are gorgeous.
    Helen x

  5. You have been busy! It's so lovely to be enjoying the time with your two little ones, and I'm sure their happiness and contentment is a real reflection on their Mummy and Daddy. House renovating and little kids...bit of a nightmare...well done for getting it done, and good excuse to repaint! Love your little flower button, really pretty, and your granny blanket looks like a huge success.

    It is difficult to get to blogging isn't it with everything else, I haven't blogged for about 6 weeks and I'm so missing it, my problem is I now have about four posts of pics that I need to do! Ah well! Lovely to catch up Helen. Take care.x

  6. You have been busy , love your makes xxx