Sunday, 29 January 2012

♥ Reasons to be Cheerful ♥

1, 2, 3.....

1. ROUTINE: Well it's been a busy few weeks, all is going well so far with me in work and Baby R with the lovely childminder AA. We have settled into a routine of work and getting Baby R to the childminder and he has settled well so we feel very fortunate. We seem to manage our time well in the mornings, which is probably helped by Baby R choosing to rise at 6am haha! We've also had the horrible MMR vaccination done and a few raised temperatures as a result but all-in-all the form is good with my little clan - D is good, Baby R is good (oh who am I kidding he's a total star! Crawling and cruising and chatting and laughing, he's such fun to be with, he also keeps us very, very busy!), Monty & Luca are good too. Smiles all round. 

2. BIRTHDAYS: To top things off I had a birthday myself last week. I still like birthdays despite my age getting into not so nice figures (boo hoo: early thirties, not mid-thirties yet!), but I love the excitement especially after the post-Christmas blues and the prospect of cards, cake and maybe even a wee pressie, what's not to like (well apart from the afore mentioned increase in digits and wrinkles etc!!). And for the first time in many years I had to work on my birthday, so what I hear you cry, well I normally don't believe in working on my birthday, I really don't believe anyone should have to but I am saving my annual leave for incase little R gets sick and I need to take time off work (although I have been informed by one of my colleagues that you get special 'carer days' to allow for this). So anyhoo, I do blether on don't I, the day in work was soooo busy as my friend in work was off sick and I was soooo glad to get home. I picked up Baby R and came home as normal only to find my darling D hiding in the living room (he normally wouldn't be home from work yet) with a beautiful home-made birthday day lit with candles... 
...some bubbles (for later), lovely cards and a pressie. Lucky, lucky me!
D had worked from home and during his lunch break he made the cake (Cinnamon & Blackberry) and he even decorated it, I was very impressed. It tasted as good as it looked and was even a little healthy (made with wholemeal flour). 
I was lucky enough to get some beautiful Greengate from D (that man does listen!). I have admired it from afar as it's pretty expensive, but now I am the proud owner of some lovely, lovely Greengate and I love it.
 My lovely sister-in-law (well to-be, but it's only a technicality!) bought me a lovely jug (she has also listened to me blether on and knows me so well). It's very pretty and it fits in well to my growing collection...
My older brother gave me this... 
Mmm such a treat. Might save it for a special occasion or as a late birthday celebration at the weekend (hehe). My parents and my younger brother gave me some money so with my brothers money I bought this...
I am most excited about receiving this as I am desperate to make the Japanese Flower Scarf as seen many places, Attic24 was where I found it. And with the money my parents gave me I hope to buy some yarn.. just need to decide on the type and colour, any advice is most welcome (my budget is £30-£40). 

3. FLOWERS in WINTER: D came back from the big supermarket shop last week with a little surprise for me, he has listened to me blether on about hyacinths for a wee while now and bought some to silence me! Teehee.
  Then I was out and about by myself on Saturday morning getting the latest dose of Frontline for the doggies (we had a flea infestation a few years ago and it was the worst few weeks of my life that I never want to repeat EVER!!) and stumbled upon these lonely daffodils for £1, a bargain! So I just had to give them a home, they seem so much happier here.
Oh and a little hooky of the jam-jar-cover kind is also making me very happy!

♥♥ So on this very wet and gloomy Sunday I am cheerful ultimately because of my little family and because we have to make the best of this life... it's not a rehearsal people! ♥♥

Thanks you lovely lot for reading my yakkety yak!
Helen xx

PS This post was inspired by Planet Penny


  1. Happy belated birthday! The Goatmother says that if you think 30's is bad, just wait until it is 40's, 50's or 60's! :) Happy week!

  2. Happy birthday for last week,Helen!I tried and tried to leave comments on your last 2 posts,trying to lend some support for your return to work :O( Bloggers been such a pain lately...I'm glad all seems to be going along well with baby R. I love your gifts especially the Greengate:O) The daffs and crochet are so pretty and I love your bulbs decoration.Happy week ahead ,lots of love juliexxx

  3. Awwww, get you, you happy girl, life sounds wonderful. Happy birthday to you too, oh to be your age again :) You did get some lovely gifts and what a sweetie your hubby is.
    I would love a Japanese crochet day, I still have to learn to read diagrams.
    Take Care Helen

  4. Happy Birthday! What a lovely birthday surprise, that cake looks fabulous. I'm very envious of the Greengate things, It's so lovely, and a bit different from the Cath Kidston suff which is a bit everywhere now. And I DO admire your taste in jugs, all the best people go for Gabriella Miller, don't they?!
    So nice to meet another dachshund person too, thanks for joining in with Reasons to be Cheerful xx

  5. Oh thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes!

    Sandi - I think I also need to learn how to read diagrams, but I'm optimistic or deluded, you decide!

    Penny - I'm very happy to have met another dachshund fanatic, I haven't really got round to writing a proper post devoted to my major dachshund love, but hopefully one day soon.

    Marigold - tell the goatmother I think I'm gonna stop counting soon!

    Julie - Thanks for the support for my return to work, it is lovely that people are so caring, thank you

    Helen xx

  6. Happy belated birthday fellow blogger. Looks like you're having fun posting, the blog's full of what makes you happy, which I suppose is what blogs should be all about!

  7. Hi Helen,me again, I ve awarded you with the verstile blogger award,pop on over to mine to collect,;O) lots of love,juliexxx

  8. Oooh! Stumbling upon a new blog is always VERY exciting! I'm so pleased that I found you! I like it here - it's happy and crafty and fun!!!
    I'll definitely be stopping by again soon...
    P.S. Happy belated birthday!

  9. I have been thinking about you and your big transition. I am so pleased to read all is well with your little treasure. The jabs; I did NOT relish having them done. I have always had mixed feelings about them but would tow the line as I think it's important for the community in general if we inoculate our children.

    Happy, happy belated birthday to you. Maybe you have the same birthday as my youngest child? Her's is on January 27th. And such lovely gifts you have received.

    have a good week.


  10. ahhhh happy birthday lovely lady!!!!
    your man is VERY clever and a jolly good listener too and what a cake!
    thank you so very much for your sweet comment
    love jooles x

  11. Happy belated birthday, good luck with the flower scarf it's quite addictive you might end up with a blanket. The debbie bliss wool andes was a dream to work with but rather expensive.

  12. Hi Helen,

    Thank you so much for popping by my blog the other day. You mentioned in your comment the yarn I had in the bag. It's Stylecraft Special DK, which I'm afraid is an acrylic yarn but it is a really, really nice one! It's soft and works up beautifully. I haven't tried the Kool Kotton yet, but I'll be sure to post about it when I have!

    S x

  13. Well hello there! So glad you left a comment over at mine as I've enjoyed my visit here (Couldn't email you back as you are a no reply blogger)

    I have that latte cup and china spoon from Greengate. I wish It was easier to find in the UK. I love it so much!

    Happy birthday for the other day. I love birthdays too. Like you said what's not to love? As for the ageing think, I just don't care anymore. I read somewhere that ageing is a priviledge denied to many and I agree whole heartedly.

    see you again soon


  14. Happy Belated Birthday to you! Glad you had a lovely day despite working. It was my birthday last week too and like you I hate working on my birthday but this year there was no avoiding it. I hope you enjoy the rest of your hard earned weekend :O)x