Sunday, 26 February 2012

It's been a while....

Oh-me-oh-my isn't time is flying! I haven't blogged in about a month but I have been visiting the land of blog and reading other peoples lovely blogs. I love it, I just L-O-V-E this blogging malarky but it's quite frustrating too because there is much that I want to do and as I read other blogs I get inspired but also frustrated because I know in reading these blogs I'm not actually getting any of my own projects done. Hahah, listen to me whine, it's not really the worst problem in the world to have, I guess I'm just explaining myself.

At this moment in time I am seriously excited for you see last night I finally managed to change my blog header. I am so excited about this and could almost not sleep for excitement!! Teehee I'm such an eejit. I think I also have nerdish and geekish tendencies but ssshh don't tell anyone! See I've admired other lovely people with their lovely headers and wished that I could do something even a fraction as lovely. And then on recommendation from the lovely Weasel I found Picknik. I eeeeeped with delight when I starting using this last night because it's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Now I don't think my header is as impressive as others I have seen but I'm really happy to have been able to do something with my header (I have never really liked mine but never had time to sort it) and I'm pleased as punch!

I have been busy, as mentioned before I am rippling away.  Now you may remember (or not) that I decided to do a gender neutral blanket and I decided on something like this... 
Well then I changed my mind (I am a very and I mean VERY indecisive person, it is a quality of mine that I detest but I'm stuck with it). I decided that I actually did want something more typically boyish and I purchased these...
 and I started this.... 
I'm really happy with it, I love how the pattern is working out, I was worried that I should have arranged the colours differently but as it has grown I have become happier with it. I have also had some pangs of regret though that I should have stuck with more gender neutral colours so that if we are lucky enough to have another baby it will be used for them too, but hey if we have a girl I'll just ripple another! So anyway I really like it and I love the Rico Baby Classic DK, it's acrylic but it's so soft and lovely. I know lots of very respectable and knowledgeable crocheters/knitters like the Stylecraft Special DK but I just don't really like the feel of it whereas the Rico feels lovely for an acrylic. 

♥♥ NEW YARN ♥♥
And in other news I have purchased some new yarn. I has been quite a mammoth task (see above re my indecisiveness!). First of all I knew that I wanted to make the Japanese Flower scarf as seen here and here. Most people have made their scarves using the very luxurious Debbie Bliss Andes but I decided I really wanted to use Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, having read so much about it on lots of blogs. But the problem I found was that in Northern Ireland Debbie Bliss yarn isn't stocked in very many places and the 2 shops that I found that did do it (I went on a 60-mile round-trip one Saturday afternoon, with my friend - another yarn nut!) didn't have very many colours (poo poo!). So after a bit of research I found a lovely family run online shop Fingers and Thumbs (I like supporting small businesses) that stocks this yarn. I was worried about picking the colours without actually seeing them. I needn't have worried though as Kate the owner helped me, she suggested colours after I described what I wanted and after I picked a couple Kate very kindly sent me some samples which made it soooooo much easier - Thank You Kate. So I did it, I picked 8 lovely colours and they arrived on Saturday. I have to confess I jumped up and down (like a loon) for a while after the postman left shouting "It's here, It's Here, It's Here". So would you like to see the colours I went for?
I am really mega excited about this yarn. I haven't had time to use it yet but I hope to soon (only 1 pair of hands and only 24 hours in the day is very limiting if you ask me!). I feels lovely, looks lovely, is lovely. I am a seriously happy camper. 

Sorry this has ended up as another essay, maybe one day I will be able to post a shorter post and maybe, just maybe, I could blog more often!

As always thanks for reading and stopping by...

Helen xx


  1. I so know what you mean about being inspired by reading people's blogs but finding little time then to be creative....hard to get th balance. Love the ripple, and I reckon make another if you end up having a girl sometime...what better excuse to make another blanket.

    Your new yarn colours are gorgeous, so natural and pretty.

    Like your new header, it's an arduous task when you start fiddling about, but is definitely worth it.

  2. dear helen,
    your ripple-blanket looks wonderful. love the new yarn colours for your next project.
    like your new header!!!!!
    i wish you a nice week,
    love regina

  3. Thanks for stopping by at my blog! Your header looks great! I love the doggy light on the right! :) That ripple blanket looks fantastic you are a very neat crocheter! (unlike myself) I'm quite new to crochet and find all the different wools names...DK...rico....well a different language! I'm sure the cheapo wool I bought in my local department store is total rubbish! haha This blogging malarky is great I love it, especially stumbling uponinteresting blogs such as yours!
    Happy Blogging
    Becky x

  4. Hi Helen, SO pleased you're happy with the yarn, it is totally scrumptious isn't it! The colours your chose in the end are perfect together. Speak soon, Kate

  5. Lovely wool,its gorgeous and lovely what you have created with it xx

  6. Hey happy camper!! LOVE the new header, I will really miss picnik when it goes :( I'm so glad you found it useful now though... it looks FAB!!! xx

    I'm positively swooning over your new yarn... the colours are gorgeous... as is the colour combo for your Ripple blanket!!

    Much love xx

  7. Wow, thank you soooo much for that Online-Shop Link! Baby Cashmerino is a BARGAIN there. And even with the shipping costs to Germany it is more than 1€ cheaper than buying it in my Local Yarn Shop!!!!