Saturday, 12 May 2012

/\/\/\ Ripple Ta-Dah /\/\/\

Woohoo, I'm back in less than a week. Whoopie! Well lets get to it, the point of this post is to show you my, I mean, Baby R's ripple blanket. I finished it a while ago and it has been in a lot of use since. I was thinking/worried that it might be too warm by the time I got it finished to actually get any use out of it, but hey it's May and it's baltic so the blanket is getting plenty of action... see there's always a silver lining haha*
So the yarn was bought at Christmas with vouchers for the local craft shop from my very thoughtful secret santa. I picked up some Rico Baby Classic DK and I fell in love with it straight away. It's 100% acrylic and it's super soft, I have never felt such a soft and luscious acrylic yarn, it's really lovely stuff. And after thinking I wasn't going to go down the stereotypical boy route I ended up picking very boy colours, I just couldn't help it.
I used a ripple pattern from the lovely and extremely generous Lucy at Attic24. I started with a chain of 168 which was very generous and I'm glad I did because I think/hope it will last little R as he grows into a little boy which he is rapidly doing! I did double rows of each colour and a total of 55 double rows. I wanted to keep going because it was lovely to work on but somehow I ran out of one colour and had ample left of the others (mystifying!) and I took this as a sign to stop. So would you like to see? As if you have a choice teehee!

Here goes...

The full blanket is actually fairly big
Soft and snuggly...
 Mmmm ripples...
♥ mummy blanket & baby blanket 

I like how the ripple ties in with my own granny blanket. I have to confess I really am not in love with the colours of my granny blanket but I do like how to two blankets compliment each other. 

I took a few snaps of Baby R with the blanket, we mostly use it when he is out in the pram cos the weather is rubbish (rubbish I tells ya)
Cosy and warm
He looks like a little egyptian mummy 
The seal of approval xox

♥ I'm thrilled to have finished it and I am thrilled to have made Baby R his first crocheted blanket. I hope it gets loved and used a lot over the years ♥ 

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post. Thankfully Baby R is doing much better and we are all enjoying the weekend together.  Now it just needs to stop raining so we can go outside!

*Note to the weather:Please sort yourself out and stop being so beeping cold, it's May you know!!


  1. Your, I mean Rowans, ripple blanket is lovely....I love blankets they're the best! You did a fab job and the colours are perfect, just like the sea. Your little boy is very cute and already is showing his sign of approval all wrapped up in it, how satisfying!

  2. Helen, the ripple blanket is a triumph! Absolutely gorgeous! No wonder someone like to snuggle up in it! Must investigate this type of acrylic yarn - it looks lovely and soft. I especially love the way the colours you've chosen make the ripples really sing. Happy weekend! So glad little R has perked up from his spell of being under the weather. E x

  3. Hi Helen,

    Your ripple blanket is just so beautiful. I am sure your son will love it for years to come. :)

  4. I love the ripple blanket!! All the blues together just look so soft and sea-sidey! :-)

  5. Baby R is adorable, what a little sweetie, he looks like he loves his mumma made ripple awww! And I can understand why, it looks great.
    I cannot believe I didn't leave a comment on your last post, the olives look and sound delicious, they made my mouth water.
    Both sides of the pond are having disgusting weather, I remember last year this time I was still in short sleeves. This year it is scarfs and gloves already......not happy!!!
    xx Sandi

  6. What a beautiful beautiful looks so cosy.
    Gosh your little boy is getting so big and very gorgeous and obviously loves his new blankie :o)
    I was so sorry to hear that little baby R has not been well, but glad to hear he is feeling much better x
    love jooles x

  7. Lovely! Baby R definitely looks like he's very happy with it! I made a very similar one with almost the same colours for a friend who had a baby boy. It's a lovely pattern.

  8. Hi Helen,well done on the ripple blanket it looks so soft and gorgeous.Baby R seems to love it lots too. So glad to hear He is feeling better.take care,lots of love juliexoxo

  9. Wow thats a fabby makes me want to make one! Blue is my favourite colour too so it looks extra good to me! Its June and STILL raining....not good!!!!

    Becky x