Monday, 7 May 2012

Where does the time go.....

Well when I said it would probably be 2 months until I blogged again, I was only joking. But as it turns out it has taken me nearly 2 months. Good grief! It's actually been a difficult few weeks, Baby R has taken to his feet which is so exciting, he has been mobile since my last post but then he has also been floored by illnesses. He had a tummy bug (which D and I both ended up with), then he had a nasty sore throat and really sore ears over Easter (we were in the out-of-hours doc at 8.30am Easter Sunday morning - that's how we spent out Easter holidays), after finishing a really strong antibiotic (Amoxicillin didn't work so after 48hours of it and poor Little R's temp not dropping below 39C we were given a stronger antibiotic) we thought he was ok but then started having trouble with teething and we thought surely he can't be sick again but a trip to the doc last week confirmed that he has a sore throat and really red, sore ears AGAIN, 3 weeks after finishing a really strong antibiotic. I just feel awful for him because his temperature has been through the roof and he was trying to solider on but sore ears are one of the worst pains especially for little ones, and this is now his 4th ear infection so I'm worried that this is going to be a recurrent thing for him. I would do anything to make him better and so for the last week I have taken baby R into bed beside me and cuddled him all night to help him sleep. I think we are finally over the worst so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a few weeks/months of good health and fun for my little one. Trying to juggle all this with work is challenging to say the least... but hey we are still able to tell the tale!

Sooooooo I'm going to attempt not to write an essay and let my photos explain what I've been up to, aside from nursing my sick little R. Here goes.....

This was taken on Mother's day and it was Baby R's first ever walk in out local park. He was laughing his little head off and I was almost in tears with happiness...

While I was stuck in bed with the tummy bug my masking tape finally arrived and I may have went a little over board but I added some bunting wherever I could think of.... 
Bookcase bunting...
Bunting for the piano...
 Happy Hallway bunting...
At this stage I thought D was going to have a fit but somehow the Bedroom bunting has survived... (he kept saying "Not in the bedroom, Not in the bedroom")
I also managed to make some fabric bunting (I can't remember when I did this, I think it was in Feb sometime but Im sure you will forgive me a little chronological error or two!). This was inspired by Cherry Heart, I saw her Bathroom Bunting and thought I had to have some! Cherry's is much prettier but in my defence I'm always in a rush!!
I finished my ripple blanket, or rather Baby R's ripple blanket! I am so chuffed with this and I really think it deserves it's own post. So just a sneak preview...

I was also very, very, very, extremely lucky to win my first giveaway. I won a beautiful handmade apron from the absolutely wonderful Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse. I really wanted to post about this sooner as I was soooo hugely grateful to receive something so beautiful but I just couldn't get the time to. Thankfully I did manage to send Mrs Tittlemouse a little something in the post to reciprocate her generosity. I spent the entire Easter weekend (well not the trip to the out-of-hours doc obviously!) in my new apron. A more beautiful apron I have never seen. 
I was also inspired by Elizabeth to make some very, extremely, tasty Olives. You can find the recipe here. The apron kept me cleaning from a good splattering of D's new fancy Balsamic Vinegar, beautiful and functional! 
Hard at it!
 Yummy, scrummy Olives
I also made some bread to go with the tasty Olives. I haven't done any fun cooking in ages and I was determined to make some tasty treats over the Easter Weekend and I succeeded in doing this (pre out-of-hours doc visit mind you!)
We deserved this...

I have been working on my Japanese Flower Scarf... it's a beautiful project to work on. I was so proud of myself for working out the pattern, my husband insisted that not reading Japanese would cause a problem for me and I was very happy to prove him wrong! The colours of the yarn all work together so well so it's lovely to add flower after flower and see it grow (not that I am that quick with it mind you!)

I have purchased a few wee squares of fabric from ebay to cover the seat of a velvet chair that we bought after Baby R was born, so that I could nurse him in comfort but more recently he likes to splash his milk around and slabber over it, so a thought a pretty floral cover for the seat might just help the lovely chair see another day!

I think I better leave it there. I'm so happy to finally get back to my little part of the internet, I was worried I had lost my mojo, but I think I found it again, it was hidden under a pile of toys, snotty tissues, calpol and nurofen! I can't guarantee when I'll be back but thank you as ever if you have managed to stop by, you know I'm very grateful 

I'd just like to leave you with one of my favourite photos of 2012 so far...

PS can you tell I've been mucking about with photos? They are probably all over the show but I love messing about with them. I was very sad that Picnik has gone but I just found PicMonkey and it's just as much fun! Hurray!!


  1. What a great post! Lots of good stuff in here! Your ripple blanket looks fab can't wait to see it close up! and I also recently took down an old bathroom blind and replaced with some bunting! Definitely a good idea. Lovely photos of the the little one walking in the park, it always make me chuckle when they start walking but look a little bit drunk wobbling about! I'm off to go and check out this picture monkey site!
    Becky x

  2. So sorry it's been a difficult few months - I think little ones do have patches of illness when one thing just seems to follow another and one despairs of them ever being free of Calpol etc but they do grow out of these patches so I really hope little R is on his way to a better time as the summer arrives. So many lovely things in your post - I love your bunting! What does he mean "not in the bedroom"? Go for it! So nice to see a pic of you in your kitchen in the apron i made as well. So touched you like it so much. Looking forward to seeing the ripple blanket in all its glory - the sneak preview looks very good as does the preview of your Japanese flower scarf! Take care - it's hard going on parents as well as children when under the cosh of ear infections et al. Elizabeth x

  3. Hello lovely,I'm so sorry to hear baby R has been so poorly,I used to always take our babies into bed when they were poorly,so comforting for them and us...
    Love all the bunting,Lol at hubby,not in the bedroom,sounds like my OH.
    Love the new pinny,lovely prize. LOVE the piccies of baby R walking in the park~so sweet~him laughing - you crying,sounds like me! Take care sweetie,looking forward to the big granny stripe reveal,lots of love juliexoxoxo

  4. Hi there,
    It's good to have you back! :-)
    Sorry to hear that Baby R has been poorly.
    Super, super bunting - and I love that you've found so many places that needed a little bunting!!!

  5. Oh no, poor Baby R :( I'm so sorry your little man was so incredibly poorly. How awful for you all. I am so glad to see the lovely pic of you both happy in the park though!!

    I have to say I am in LOVE with your kitchen, such a fabulous photo of you in your new apron (congrats on the win by the way!) and all those yummy treats! I'm also loving your projects... especially that gorgeous patchwork fabric and the crochet scarf *swoon* :-)

    Hope you and your family are enjoying your weekend...
    Big hugs!!

    Louise xxx

  6. hello
    i am so sorry to hear baby R has been so poorly.
    i love all your photos especially of you both in the park.
    love your craft work!!!!the japanese flower scarf looks beautiful.
    have a nice week,
    love regina